Utilizing Technology and Service for Better IT Support

Improve IT support strategies by tracking the small things while prioritizing larger issues.

Server downtime is a costly issue – to the tune of almost $400,000 per hour on a global scale. It’s no wonder corporations throughout the world are putting close to $162 billion toward IT support services every year.

If the goal is to experience as little downtime as possible, IT support strategies have to be developed in a flexible manner that accounts for changes in technology, new support mechanisms, and varying threats to security. Here are a few guidelines for boosting your IT support:

1. Find Your Weak Links
As IT professionals go about their daily tasks, the problems they resolve often point to larger complexities that deserve more research and resolution. Keeping track of incidents that lead to a larger problem should be part of the IT support strategy. When you identify common problems, you can work toward ways to avoid encountering them again.

2. Identify Urgent Issues
Response backlogs are no fun, particularly when help desk tickets are coming at you a mile a minute. Instead of taking a first come, first served approach, prioritize each ticket based on its level of urgency.

Look at the nature of the problem and how serious it is. Determine how quickly it needs to be addressed. How many people does it affect? How many of your business processes are at risk because of the problem? These are the factors that will help you determine the urgency of a situation and help you prioritize which are handled first.

3. Self Service
Take the load off your IT professionals by establishing a portal through which users can help themselves. You’ve already got a knowledge base built up, so put it in a form that can be digested by users in a way that resolves their issues. Put together instructional videos that will serve as a “how-to” guide. Embrace artificial intelligence technology so that you can further aid your users in a more timely and efficient manner.

4. Plan for the Worst
Being proactive is one of the best IT support attributes. Some IT departments even develop fire drills of their own so they know exactly what to do when a crisis situation occurs. Instead of waiting for something to happen and reacting accordingly, IT support professionals that research threats and prepare for them in advance have the advantage.

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