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The Basics of UCaaS

Just a little over two decades ago, email was revolutionizing the business world. While it has been in existence around four decades, it was the second half of the 1990s that ushered in a new wave of communication with a quick turnaround time. Now, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is introducing a new round of disruption that is transforming the ways enterprises communicate. What is UCaaS? UCaaS is a cloud

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The Benefits of Combining UCaaS With CCaaS

The widespread use of cloud technology means enterprises are becoming more likely to search out ways to capture the as-a-service benefits they enjoy in one application and experience them in additional areas of the business. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is receiving a lot of attention because it provides not only cost savings, but also the opportunity to improve productivity and innovate. Some enterprises are finding even greater benefit

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Managing Hotel Phone Requirements With Unified Communications

As hospitality brands continue to consolidate, it has become apparent that some aspects of a brand acquisition can be challenging. Hotel brand IT teams are often sent scrambling following the addition of a new chain of hotels that comes with different communication technology. Implementing unified communications is the answer. When a hospitality company adds a new brand to its portfolio, those locations must be added cost effectively and without interruption

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Steps for Troubleshooting Unified Communications

Enterprises appreciate unified communications solutions for their seamlessly integrated tools, allowing better voice quality and video conferencing that’s available from anywhere. The cost of unified communications is also attractive, with a subscription-based pay model that allows for categorization as an operating expense. What enterprises don’t anticipate when they choose unified communications are the challenges that can come with troubleshooting. In many cases, it’s not one unified communications system serving an

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Managing the Administrative Toll of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is at the center of many enterprises’ business objectives, with the identification of ways to improve customer experiences dominating goals and priorities. Line-of-business managers vie for their place in the queue as IT struggles to keep up with requests for new cloud solutions. It’s no wonder these measures are at the top of managers’ lists of business priorities. Improving the offering to customers through personalization, user-friendly apps, and

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