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Virtual Networks Answer the Connectivity Demand of the Cloud

The new reality of the cloud environment demands virtual networks that are easily configurable and optimizable and which can prioritize agility for a changing set of connectivity demands. The growing bandwidth needs of cloud solutions and performance requirements that vary among each type of application need a network approach that can change quickly and offers a high level of visibility to administrators. From video and Internet of Things (IoT) to

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Steps for Troubleshooting Unified Communications

Enterprises appreciate unified communications solutions for their seamlessly integrated tools, allowing better voice quality and video conferencing that’s available from anywhere. The cost of unified communications is also attractive, with a subscription-based pay model that allows for categorization as an operating expense. What enterprises don’t anticipate when they choose unified communications are the challenges that can come with troubleshooting. In many cases, it’s not one unified communications system serving an

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Changes and Advances in the Cloud Require Agility in Planning

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of a digital transformation plan is that it’s never complete. Each time you inch a little closer to your technology goals or make a big investment that implements a new tool, the bar moves, and your perceived competitive edge seems to shrink a bit. Moving business processes to the cloud takes planning, and those plans must be agile to adapt to new advances.

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