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XaaS, Or Everything as a Service, Offers These Five Benefits

The sharing economy is making its mark on IT, with digital services and applications available in subscription models. Businesses are able to pay for only what they use in areas like software, infrastructure, and platforms all trending toward as-a-service offerings. The mindset is becoming Everything as a Service, or XaaS, where every kind of outsourcing offers clear advantages. XaaS offers flexible consumption that lends companies increased agility for providing improved

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Three Benefits of Enterprise Data Optimization Solutions

Enterprise IT revolves around the management of data, with solutions prioritized for their ability to process large volumes of data. No longer relegated to only tech-based companies, data is a focal point for enterprises looking for new ways to outstrip competitors to offer the best possible customer experience. Data optimization solutions provide a way to analyze and mobilize data for measurable business benefits.  It’s simply not enough to capture data

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Why Enterprises Are Moving to Workload Protection

Attempting to secure data in an era where cyber security threats change by the minute is a lot like trying to win a carnival game that’s rigged against you. The frantic nature of the response, the inability to anticipate next moves, and the chasing of a moving target all seem to be creating a scenario in which it’s impossible to protect your data, or win that giant stuffed dog. As

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There Are Different Types of Big Data – Are You Analyzing Yours Properly?

Is there a simple definition of big data? Most would say “no.” In fact, not everyone can even agree on the origins of the term. However, most can agree that it involves a massive amount of data, which must be analyzed and protected. It’s easy to generate a terabyte worth of data, but now data is being measured in massive volumes – zettabytes, or nearly a billion terabytes. Within a

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Improving Business Agility With Open Source Alternatives

The past few months have seen companies investing millions of dollars in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) measures instituted by the European Union. Designed to protect consumers from the distribution of their data, the regulations create conditions that could pose a threat to business agility. The investment in GDPR measures should not be regarded as a one-off on the budget. It’s expected that most companies will find

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