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Choosing Call Center Technology That Improves Customer Service

If you truly are committed to being customer-centric, you have to put into place all the moving parts that allow you to take care of those customers. One of the highest functioning tools going toward this effort is the call center, so make sure yours has the best technology for quality service to meet customers’ personalized needs. Improving Technology in Call Centers If you’re running a normal 9 a.m. to

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The Benefits of Combining UCaaS With CCaaS

The widespread use of cloud technology means enterprises are becoming more likely to search out ways to capture the as-a-service benefits they enjoy in one application and experience them in additional areas of the business. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is receiving a lot of attention because it provides not only cost savings, but also the opportunity to improve productivity and innovate. Some enterprises are finding even greater benefit

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Utilizing Technology and Service for Better IT Support

Server downtime is a costly issue – to the tune of almost $400,000 per hour on a global scale. It’s no wonder corporations throughout the world are putting close to $162 billion toward IT support services every year. If the goal is to experience as little downtime as possible, IT support strategies have to be developed in a flexible manner that accounts for changes in technology, new support mechanisms, and

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Six Considerations for Choosing a Colocation Provider

An enterprise choosing a colocation provider may find the search a bit challenging due to changes happening in the industry. From shifting technology requirements to the impact of bigger public cloud providers consuming data space and then needing more, colocation centers are dealing with a lot of change. Not the least of these factors is the increasing competition between colocation providers, with more entering the market and driving prices down.

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Managing Hotel Phone Requirements With Unified Communications

As hospitality brands continue to consolidate, it has become apparent that some aspects of a brand acquisition can be challenging. Hotel brand IT teams are often sent scrambling following the addition of a new chain of hotels that comes with different communication technology. Implementing unified communications is the answer. When a hospitality company adds a new brand to its portfolio, those locations must be added cost effectively and without interruption

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