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Managing Hotel Phone Requirements With Unified Communications

As hospitality brands continue to consolidate, it has become apparent that some aspects of a brand acquisition can be challenging. Hotel brand IT teams are often sent scrambling following the addition of a new chain of hotels that comes with different communication technology. Implementing unified communications is the answer. When a hospitality company adds a new brand to its portfolio, those locations must be added cost effectively and without interruption

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Understanding Cloud Computing

When talking about IT strategy, the term cloud computing can get thrown around a lot. It’s important to pause and make sure everyone involved in the decision-making process understands the basics of cloud options. Cloud computing is a disruptive technology, and having a working knowledge of it helps in making good strategic decisions. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is simply a way of saying that instead of data and

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How a Legacy Phone System May Cost More in The Long Run

As the benefits of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) become better understood, it’s natural to wonder why some enterprises continue to use an on-premises phone system. The advantages of switching to UCaaS or to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may seem clear, but there are a few reasons why enterprises are reluctant to give up their phone systems: They are still reaping the return on the high initial investment

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