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Virtual Networks Answer the Connectivity Demand of the Cloud

The new reality of the cloud environment demands virtual networks that are easily configurable and optimizable and which can prioritize agility for a changing set of connectivity demands. The growing bandwidth needs of cloud solutions and performance requirements that vary among each type of application need a network approach that can change quickly and offers a high level of visibility to administrators. From video and Internet of Things (IoT) to

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5 Ways UCaaS Is Changing Business Communications

Sometimes, it seems as if modern business communication has landed somewhere between episodes of Star Trek and the Jetsons. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) seamlessly delivers the kind of convenience and efficiency that, just a few decades ago, was the stuff of science fiction. UCaaS is delivered through the cloud, so enterprises have access to a host of features and tools, but they only pay for what is actually used. From a

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Three Misconceptions Surrounding SD-WAN

Enterprise IT is adopting software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) as a solution to a variety of network challenges, including growing network complexity, more endpoints and a drive for better security. SD-WAN offers some nice benefits such as the ability to enhance agility and performance. Some of the benefits of SD-WAN have been over-hyped as the market has grown, with selling points like cost savings taking precedence in marketing over some

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Connectivity Takes on Higher Importance in Today’s Enterprise

Connectivity is no longer simply about connecting to the internet to do research or to access email accounts. Connectivity has become the very center of a company’s productivity. It drives customer satisfaction and allows teams the opportunity to collaborate and innovate. Internal impact: Much of this elevated importance correlates directly to and is the cause of employees’ current migration to mobile work environments. No longer tied to a desk in the

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