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Managing the Administrative Toll of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is at the center of many enterprises’ business objectives, with the identification of ways to improve customer experiences dominating goals and priorities. Line-of-business managers vie for their place in the queue as IT struggles to keep up with requests for new cloud solutions. It’s no wonder these measures are at the top of managers’ lists of business priorities. Improving the offering to customers through personalization, user-friendly apps, and

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Changes and Advances in the Cloud Require Agility in Planning

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of a digital transformation plan is that it’s never complete. Each time you inch a little closer to your technology goals or make a big investment that implements a new tool, the bar moves, and your perceived competitive edge seems to shrink a bit. Moving business processes to the cloud takes planning, and those plans must be agile to adapt to new advances.

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Understanding Cloud Computing

When talking about IT strategy, the term cloud computing can get thrown around a lot. It’s important to pause and make sure everyone involved in the decision-making process understands the basics of cloud options. Cloud computing is a disruptive technology, and having a working knowledge of it helps in making good strategic decisions. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is simply a way of saying that instead of data and

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The Differences Between VoIP and UCaaS

Any company considering a phone upgrade will likely look at both Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). While both offer benefits over a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone system, they are not interchangeable. When discussing options with clients, it’s important to be able to break down the differences between and benefits of each clearly and concisely. First, the differences: The main difference between

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