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5 Ways UCaaS Is Changing Business Communications

Sometimes, it seems as if modern business communication has landed somewhere between episodes of Star Trek and the Jetsons. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) seamlessly delivers the kind of convenience and efficiency that, just a few decades ago, was the stuff of science fiction. UCaaS is delivered through the cloud, so enterprises have access to a host of features and tools, but they only pay for what is actually used. From a

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How SIP Trunking Is Supporting New Communications Technology

Communication innovation continues to advance, even compared to just a few years ago. Enterprises are investing in collaboration tools, as well as solutions that support and promote mobility. Employees are increasingly able to utilize group messaging, chat, file sharing and video conferencing, which all serve to improve productivity. For enterprises that want to continue on this path, SIP trunking is the answer. New features will continue to dominate the communications

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Why Enterprises Are Moving to Workload Protection

Attempting to secure data in an era where cyber security threats change by the minute is a lot like trying to win a carnival game that’s rigged against you. The frantic nature of the response, the inability to anticipate next moves, and the chasing of a moving target all seem to be creating a scenario in which it’s impossible to protect your data, or win that giant stuffed dog. As

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Why You Want to Consider DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is one of many areas of IT that is gaining momentum as an outsourced specialty. Overwhelmed with the many tasks related to managing security in an era when threats change by the minute, many enterprise IT teams find efficiency and cost reduction in turning disaster recovery over to experts. Part of what’s driving this trend is the expectation of inevitability around natural disasters and

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Five Benefits of Cloud Desktops

If you’re looking for ways to support remote employees with the technology they need, invest in technology with costs that are more predictable, and reduce your maintenance and hardware investment, you may want to look into cloud desktops. Cloud desktops provide an identical experience to a traditional desktop. When the user logs on, they see the same applications and features they’re accustomed to accessing, but the server is no longer

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