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Choosing Call Center Technology That Improves Customer Service

If you truly are committed to being customer-centric, you have to put into place all the moving parts that allow you to take care of those customers. One of the highest functioning tools going toward this effort is the call center, so make sure yours has the best technology for quality service to meet customers’ personalized needs. Improving Technology in Call Centers If you’re running a normal 9 a.m. to

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Finding Success in the Digital Transformation Process

Most organizations have different takes on how to approach digital disruption. There are elements of confusion involved, but there is also the promise that technologically evolved processes like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can create increased efficiency in the workplace. How are you preparing for digital transformation? According to a study by Harvard researchers, almost 20% of companies have not taken steps to begin digital reinvention, which takes them

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