Smart Approaches to a Cyber Security Strategy

It is critical for your organization to find the best cyber security technologies available.

When corporations are hacked, everyone hears about it. What you need to know is that small businesses are just as, if not more, vulnerable. Cyber security is a top concern at many companies, but more needs to be done to protect data and reputations.

If you’re feeling intimidated by cyber security protocol implementation, don’t be – it’s not as complex as you might think. There are open-source tools you can use, many of which are free.  These often include automatic encryption, which protects you against cyber criminals.

Your security strategy should include the following:

  • Encryption of all of your sensitive data
  • Password-protected hardware for data storage
  • Immediate security software updates
  • Enforcement of password policies
  • Education of employees on cyber threats and how to avoid them

Taking a proactive approach to cyber threats can keep the hackers out of your system, so make sure you’re constantly reviewing your cyber security protocols.

Safety in the Cloud

One way to keep IT personnel from suffering burnout is to take your storage to the cloud. Cloud services utilize security protections, including encryption, which keeps your data safe. There is also the added advantage of the provider doing all the maintenance, including updates.

If you’re nervous about experiencing a lack of control over your data, keep in mind that cloud storage providers offer an efficient and stable service that is more secure than what you can provide in an on-premise solution.

Securing Your Email

Hackers can easily infiltrate your system via phishing, most often implemented through an email that an employee clicks on. All employees should be educated about what to look for in a phishing email, and they should be accountable for how they use email. 

Another layer of protection comes via secure email services. These use an encryption algorithm and scan attachments, flagging any malicious content. Users are then alerted and will know to quarantine the content of the email and take measures to block the sender.

It can be difficult to keep up with the growing number of cyber security threats. The best approach to staying safe is to implement monitoring services that catch threats before they infiltrate your system. Testing the security solutions can help identify vulnerabilities that should be immediately fixed. The goal should be to respond to threats quickly.At Compass Solutions, we can help you get technology that manages firewalls and encrypts data. We also offer mobile device management tools to keep your mobile workforce from becoming the weak link. Contact us, and let’s talk about how easy it can be to implement a cyber security protocol.

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