Seeing Your Digital Transformation in a New Light

The digital transformation process is as much about changing how you do business as it is about technology.

While technology is advancing at a rapid rate, adopting the new technology and properly using it occurs at a much slower rate. That’s why digital transformation can be such a burden on companies that aren’t quite prepared to roll it out smoothly.

There are several issues that become commonplace in digital transformation, ranging from a lack of skills among team members, to lack of buy-in from C-suite executives, to indecision and poorly defined goals. For many IT professionals and business leaders, one of the biggest issues they face is that their networks aren’t ready to go completely digital. This means senior executives have little to no confidence going forward with a digital transformation. Working with the right agent to identify more compatible networking solutions can help with this pain point.

Taking the Time to Get It Right

One thing is for certain: digital transformations don’t happen overnight. In fact, before any new infrastructure is put into place, a strategy must be mapped out, tested, and analyzed.

Best practices dictate you should begin with a team of leaders who will spearhead the process. These people should include IT professionals, obviously, but also people from other departments who will keep tabs on what’s going on throughout the process and add input regarding how various processes are going to work and be compatible in their department.

Smaller companies with a lot of expertise on staff and a budget to boot can get up and running with a fully digital platform in months. Some companies will take two years to jump over to being fully digitally transformed. But for a smooth transformation, you have to plan wisely, train, test, invest, revise, and test again before you can adopt at 100%.

It’s a Business Strategy

The focus of a digital transformation is on the technology, such as cloud and artificial intelligence solutions. But when it comes down to the core of the issue, you’re really talking about the people in your organization and how they approach their daily tasks. The technology is just the conduit to doing business in a very specific way.

For many organizations, taking on a digital transformation is a way for them to wipe the slate clean and start over with a new way of doing business; a way that will improve workflow and make burdensome tasks easy and spur spikes in productivity. There might be some learning curves involved if you’re bringing on a new email or enterprise resource planning system, etc., but in the end, when the planning has been taken seriously and you have total buy-in from everyone, it’s all worth it.

At Compass Solutions, we know the importance of planning and bringing in the right technology to make a digital transformation go off without a hitch. As a trusted agent in the IT and telecom industries for more than two decades, you can count on us to assist you in your planning and make sure you get the right telecom, networking, communication, and cloud computing solutions. Contact us and let’s address your needs today.

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