How to Keep Your Cyber Security Strategy Relevant

Managed services for more advanced cyber security solutions can be the key to improved protection.

When cyber security discussions are on the table, the focus is usually on bad actors from outside the company. Cybercriminals are indeed a huge threat, but looking at what’s going on inside the company should also be a major focus.

The Password Conundrum

Password hygiene deserves a more thorough examination because this is often how the attackers find their way into a system. Rather than enter a series of letters, numbers, and symbols, employees pick something really easy to remember so they can get into the system and get to work. Unfortunately, hackers are really good at figuring this out.

Employees need to be educated about password hygiene and that the more difficult the password is, the better. They also need to be held accountable if they are the conduit through which hackers gain entry to the system. Passwords should also be changed quarterly.

Controlling Access

If your password strategy is set, how is your strategy for prioritizing data? For example, is there data deemed “sensitive” that only executives can access? Or, is that sensitive data available to anybody with access to the system?

Furthermore, when an employee leaves the company, are they still able to gain access to sensitive information?

Again, this is something that can compromise a company. Keep in mind that just because someone is extremely loyal to the company when they’re working for it doesn’t mean they won’t share information with those who shouldn’t have it when they leave the company.

First and foremost, only those with privileged status should gain access to your classified information. Once a change in personnel takes place, you must have a process in place that permanently locks them out.

Lock Down with Better Technology

The security landscape is evolving, which is why bringing in new technology to assist you in developing more advanced cyber security strategies should be on your to-do list for 2019.

For example, biometric technology is picking up interest. This includes retina scanners, fingerprint scanners, and embedded microchips.

Technology can also include that which doesn’t reside on-premise. Managed cyber security through a third party is another option to which more and more organizations are turning, especially those that rely on cloud-based solutions to at least some degree in other aspects of their business.

When you partner with a top-notch agent like Computer Security Solutions, you get a partner committed to fully understanding your business, your data, and your environment. We can put you in touch with the best technology for keeping you on track with the evolution of the increasingly complex cyber security landscape. Rather than guessing at what technology and managed services will keep your data safe, contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you get it right the first time.

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