IT Investments: Getting the Best Return on Investment

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There comes a time when you know the technology you’ve got in place has pretty much run its course — it’s time for a change to newer, more streamlined and modern innovations that can improve your workflow and boost profits. But can blanket IT investments alone guarantee improvements?

Companies that invest in what they require today without thinking about what they’ll need in the future will find that they get less out of the experience. For example, cloud-based technologies aren’t just a trend that a few industries are jumping on — these technologies have proven value and should be a factor in IT investments that have long-term advantages.

Companies that bring cloud and end-to-end data pipeline technology to their strategies can vastly improve their initiatives to implement more modern technology. In fact, there is some evidence to prove that productivity gains can be double that of the companies that do not invest in the technology of the future.

Getting Full Value

According to a report from Future Systems titled, “Full Value. Full Stop,” some companies make investments in technology, but they’re not seeing the full value of it. However, companies that invest in “future systems” are seeing gains and noticing a great deal of flexibility, which allows them to scale as needed.

The report is based on a survey of more than 8,300 companies’ IT systems strategies where inquiries were made regarding the technologies adopted, and how those technologies penetrated an organizational culture. For those companies that didn’t invest in future systems, they were missing out on approximately 46% of potential annual revenue by 2023.

A focus on breaking down boundaries between applications, data, and infrastructure offered some of the most notable results. These systems proved more adaptable and the usual roadblocks to growth were easily bypassed.

Erasing Boundaries

Systems that focus on the future share commonalities; they’re adaptable and are not impinged by boundaries. Furthermore, they involve some degree of artificial intelligence which include cutting-edge technologies such as voice recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing to name a few.

Companies that have gone this route are becoming leaders in their industries, maximizing the return on their investments and experiencing transformative changes that are long lasting. With so much new technology dropping on nearly a daily basis, it pays to have someone in your corner looking out for you. Agents who make it their full-time job to stay current on these technologies can assist you in making IT investments that will work for you so consider bringing them on board with you in the planning stages and beyond.At Compass Solutions, we’re focused on leveraging our nearly three decades of IT experience in assisting our customers with IT investments that make sense for their unique needs. We provide unbiased advice that will help you choose the right technology at a competitive market price. Furthermore, we offer full life-cycle support. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs for future growth.

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