How Omnichannel Strategies Benefit Your Enterprise

Enterprises turning to omnichannel strategies gain superior insight into their data.

Enterprises are identifying a need for omnichannel strategies that deliver a consistently superior customer experience across all points of contact. Too often, the discussions around these strategies tend to be limited and simplified – missing the possibility for a comprehensive approach to data management and utilization.

It’s not just about servicing the customer but also about businesses having the insight they need to make strategic decisions about which channels are best delivering on their business objectives. Omnichannel strategies focus on the integration of customer-facing solutions with back-end systems for a unified platform.

Prioritizing Omnichannel Strategies: IT leaders are being pulled into boardroom conversations because executives are aware that IT delivers the increased visibility and integration that help deliver outstanding customer experiences. For many enterprises, developing a strategy and the supporting infrastructure for an integrated solution is the key.

Platform Versus Application Solutions: In many settings, enterprises make the mistake of integrating only at the application level. Instead of digging deeper to the platform level, utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs), and reaching a 360-degree view of data management, they settle for application-level integration. Enterprises may identify best-in-class solutions and then develop workarounds to foster integration between these applications, but in areas such as syncing data, compliance, and security solutions, this is never going to be as effective as a platform-level integration.

Better Management: While it’s easy to think of omnichannel strategies in terms of the customer experience, they also carry important implications for management. For instance, consider a subscription beauty supply company that is trying to determine which shipping company to entrust with its deliveries. Utilizing omnichannel strategies can help determine not only which shipping company to use, but also whether to charge shipping separately or build it into the pricing and potentially grow market share by offering an “all orders ship free” policy.

Integrated data management provides a more holistic picture of the company’s opportunities and which is the right fit for the business. There may be a particular shipping company that will be willing to negotiate new terms or it may become clear that it’s necessary to prioritize a shipping company that is willing to do overnight deliveries at a discounted rate.

Investing in the architecture to support omnichannel strategies is a big step, but there are new providers emerging that make implementation of platform solutions a bit less challenging. Enterprises prioritizing this type of strategy should look for a solution that is at the platform level, allows you to make changes via an open, public API and offers visibility into customer-facing and back-end systems in a single view.

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