Hosted VoIP Is About More Than Cost Savings

If you’re considering hosted VoIP, get beyond cost savings and look at how it will provide a competitive advantage.

The transition to a cloud solution often begins with a search for cost savings. While cost savings are generally a reality with cloud migration, what begins as a budget-focused move often turns out to be more of a strategic transformation. This is particularly true when it comes to hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

As companies bump up against contract renewal time, they begin exploring new technology and find that with hosted VoIP, their costs can be dramatically slashed while gaining new features. This is just the beginning. Take a look at the benefits you’ll see with hosted VoIP that will cause you to forget about the cost:

Collaborative Features: Hosted VoIP provides a wealth of features, including digital assistant and call forwarding, but arguably the most valuable tools involve collaboration. Users are able to access all communication formats through a single application, no longer spending minutes separately checking email, messaging, and voicemail.

In addition, hosted VoIP speeds up decision-making processes by making it easier and faster to exchange information, access shared workspaces, and see when a colleague has changed their status to “available” in the system.

Scalability: It’s rare to see a business that doesn’t operate with some type of seasonality or that doesn’t experience promotional bumps in activity. Hosted VoIP allows you to scale your users up or down, with changes made in a matter of minutes. You’ll pay for exactly the number of users you need, with the flexibility to increase or remove users as necessary.

Reporting Capabilities: You’ll improve communications with the features offered with a cloud solution, but with granular reporting options, you can take it further by identifying patterns and trends that can be refined for better productivity and streamlined processes. From user activity times, locations, and analytics, you can get a better sense of how the tools are being used and how to make the most of them.

Impressive Brand Image: It used to be that only the biggest and most well-funded corporations could afford the best technology, but that isn’t the case anymore. Choosing hosted VoIP gives you the opportunity to access the same tools that large global enterprises use, as well as show a professional image to the public. From automated directories to call forwarding and digital receptionist, you’ll have the features and tools that consumers expect to see in a large enterprise.

Cost is a reliable way to talk about digital transformation, but in the case of hosted VoIP, the benefits go far beyond the budgetary impact. Your conversation about a switch to a cloud solution may begin with cost, but you will soon look with a bit of suspicion at providers who talk only of cost. The bigger impact is in the strategic advantages that hosted VoIP provides in terms of collaboration and retaining your competitive edge.

If you’re considering a communications upgrade, contact us at Compass Solutions. We can help you identify the right solution and assist you throughout your transition to hosted VoIP.

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