Five Benefits of Cloud Desktops

Learn the basics of cloud desktops and whether this technology might be right for your enterprise.

If you’re looking for ways to support remote employees with the technology they need, invest in technology with costs that are more predictable, and reduce your maintenance and hardware investment, you may want to look into cloud desktops.

Cloud desktops provide an identical experience to a traditional desktop. When the user logs on, they see the same applications and features they’re accustomed to accessing, but the server is no longer housed in a box under the monitor. Unlike a virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud desktops are supported by a cloud provider who hosts all of the infrastructures to support the cloud desktop. In a virtual desktop, the server and hardware are in-house and managed by the IT team.

Take a look at five benefits you can expect to see with an investment in cloud desktops:

Lower costs: This is often the first consideration that makes a company think about cloud desktops. There’s little to no initial investment because all of the hardware is supplied by the cloud provider. You’ll enjoy a predictable, consistent monthly invoice, and because there’s no hardware, there’s also no maintenance.

Scalability: One of the benefits of any cloud solution is that you can scale up and down as necessary. If your business has any seasonality elements or is on a growth trajectory, there’s no risk in adding users, because they can be removed in a matter of minutes. You pay only for the number of users you need.

Better Security: In a time when cyber security threats change by the minute, any solution that is inherently more secure is a welcome addition. A cloud desktop requires log-in credentials and without them, the physical device is useless to a hacker. That means you no longer have the concern of an employee losing a laptop or tablet.

Support mobility: Remote employees have access to the systems they need through cloud desktops, and your business processes will never be interrupted by a snow day or a mass transit strike. With cloud desktops, employees can log in from anywhere, as long as they have a valid log-in and an internet connection.

Flexibility: Cloud desktops allow your company to add and remove specific applications and features as necessary. Rather than an involved implementation for a new software application, you can access cloud solutions quickly, allowing business decisions to be executed right away for a better customer experience or improved productivity. The flexibility of cloud desktops empowers better agility for your organization.

There are rare instances where a cloud desktop isn’t an ideal solution for a company. For example, if your internet connection is spotty, or if your network is plagued by congestion or latency, cloud desktop solutions may not be a good fit.

To learn more about the specific benefits cloud desktops could offer your enterprise, contact us at Compass Solutions. We can help you see what a cloud desktop would look like in your business setting and identify any potential roadblocks for deployment.

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