Finding Success in the Digital Transformation Process

Don’t get left behind in the digital transformation process.

Most organizations have different takes on how to approach digital disruption. There are elements of confusion involved, but there is also the promise that technologically evolved processes like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can create increased efficiency in the workplace. How are you preparing for digital transformation?

According to a study by Harvard researchers, almost 20% of companies have not taken steps to begin digital reinvention, which takes them from a position of being innovative to a position where they’re losing their competitive edge almost entirely.

The question becomes, why wouldn’t a company make a move toward technology that improves strategic development? There is value in IoT and building better customer relationship management software that is more intuitive. The New York Times, which is historically entrenched in its paper medium, is thriving because it embraced digital reinvention. Retail outlets are also thriving because of it – such as Walmart, where this technology has helped the retailer be successful in its attempts to battle with Amazon.

Making the Cut

Companies that find success in their digital transformation have strategic steps that help, such as being clear from the very beginning what their goals are. They realize that although adopting the right technology is important, changing their mindset about how to operate as a business is vital.

Successes in digital transformation occur when old ways of thinking are challenged and everyone across the entire organization becomes part of the process. And that’s an important component to remember – everyone must have buy-in, or the transformation becomes a disruption.

Does every part of the business need to be transformed? That’s another question that should be asked early, because while there will be major changes made in the process, knowing which legacy equipment should remain is important.

Each Journey Is Different

Not all transformations will look the same, because each organization’s goals will be different. An organization first needs to understand why digital transformation is important for them and plan their strategy accordingly. What’s important for company A might be negligible for company B. That’s why there is no “one size fits all” strategy.

Finding the technology that is the best fit for your organization is important if your digital transformation is going to be successful. At Compass Solutions, we have a quarter century of experience in IT and telecom, and we’re actively assisting clients in their digital transformation. We can assist you, too. Contact ustoday and let’s talk about how to approach your strategy.

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