Connectivity Takes on Higher Importance in Today’s Enterprise

Customers often favor businesses that offer WiFi, making connectivity a critical competitive offering.

Connectivity is no longer simply about connecting to the internet to do research or to access email accounts. Connectivity has become the very center of a company’s productivity. It drives customer satisfaction and allows teams the opportunity to collaborate and innovate.

Internal impact: Much of this elevated importance correlates directly to and is the cause of employees’ current migration to mobile work environments. No longer tied to a desk in the office, workers are increasingly moving to mixed schedules where they may spend limited time at a specific location, while also working in the field and from home. No matter where they are, employees need to be able to access systems as if they were sitting at headquarters.

Connectivity is also critical for virtual teams relying heavily on access to video conferencing as well as shared workspaces. Companies save resources by investing in unified communications for better collaboration, which is dependent on connectivity for use.

Access to a reliable connection is shaping even how companies hire their teams, eliminating geography from the list of factors that must be considered on both the hiring company and the candidate’s sides. Companies are able to hire the best talent, regardless of where they live.

Customer impact: Customers are surprised when they learn that a favorite restaurant doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi. Many customers will choose a restaurant based on the availability of free Wi-Fi, and lack of connectivity can play a veto role in the decision.

Not only do customers want Wi-Fi, but they want exceptional service, a consistent, personalized experience, and access to immediate information. When an item is unavailable, they want to know why and how soon they can get it—all features supported by connectivity.

Some companies are also innovating through advanced cloud technology, with real-time information for customers right in the store. For instance, retailers provide customers with inventory information on the sales floor and coupon apps that help them edge out the competition.

Connectivity is no longer necessary only if you want a competitive edge; it’s a necessity for survival. If your network suffers from congestion, security risks, or delays in maintenance, you should prioritize the improvement of its function.

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