Cloud Security: What’s the Best Approach to Protecting Your Data?

Gaining control over data is an important factor in determining how to address cloud security issues.

It’s not unusual for control over data to become an issue in addressing cloud security risks. Managed services, therefore, have not always been a desired part of the overall strategy. Rather, many security managers have preferred to take full responsibility and have complete control over security technologies. But is this the best course of action?

Many organizations have limited access to individuals with the expertise necessary to manage a completely on-premise security approach. Therefore, they’re pulled to more cloud-based security tools. Their intent might be to maintain autonomy, but that presents its own challenges. How do you decide the best approach to your cloud security strategy?

The Hybrid Approach

Many security professionals are taking a look at on-premise and cloud-based security technologies. However, as each organization has unique needs, they must make a determination on what they’ll use on a case by case basis. Due to autonomy issues, many organizations lean more toward on-premise solutions while relying on the cloud to back them up. However, according to a survey by ESG, nearly 70% are open to cloud security solutions.

The Cloud Advantage

While the control issue remains a huge piece of the puzzle in determining how security is managed, the cloud does have its obvious advantages. For example, when relying on cloud-based security solutions, fewer resources are required because everything is managed by the provider, leaving the organization free to expend resources elsewhere. This not only eases resource needs, it is also a time saver.

Furthermore, all updates are managed by the cloud vendor, which means licensing becomes a non-issue and maintenance is handled by the vendor.

There is generally no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why it’s important for organizations to determine what their exact security requirements are, how they want to manage their data, and if there are any financial limitations involved. Operational efficiency has to be balanced against how flexible you need to be in managing/accessing your data and any hardware and software solutions that figure into how you manage your system.

At Compass Solutions, we’ve assisted many clients in connecting to cloud-based solutions that have the tools necessary to offer strong protection. We specialize in helping organizations find the technology that is the right fit and at the best price point.  Contact us and let’s discuss how we can assist you in solving your technology needs today and make a plan to meet your needs as your company grows.

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