Choosing Call Center Technology That Improves Customer Service

Serve customers more effectively by making sure your call center has the technology to succeed.

If you truly are committed to being customer-centric, you have to put into place all the moving parts that allow you to take care of those customers. One of the highest functioning tools going toward this effort is the call center, so make sure yours has the best technology for quality service to meet customers’ personalized needs.

Improving Technology in Call Centers

If you’re running a normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. operation, you know your customer base might need you outside of those hours. This is what leads many organizations to have a call center in place, ready to take an inquiry at any hour. This kind of customer service can give you an edge. However, it takes meticulous planning to get it right, which is why you need to partner with experts who can provide communications hardware and software that will improve the way you handle your transactions.

Technology Trends

Predictive analytics are increasingly drawing the interest of businesses, and this often involves utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) applications to improve the call center experience. For example, AI applications assist call centers in call routing.

Computer telephony integration is also getting notice for its ability to enable computer and telephone systems to interact. The end result is that calls are managed more efficiently.

Interactive voice response systems are in demand as they allow incoming callers to access the information they need without having to talk to an agent. This not only serves your clients well, but it also takes a load off your agents.

Have you looked into two-way social media conversations? Today’s call centers need to be available to clients in a way that is amenable to them. People go to their social media for more than just checking up on friends and family — they’re getting their news there, finding entertainment and becoming educated about products that interest them. Now, they’re looking to social media to get virtually instant responses to their questions.

Gaining Access to the Right Technology

Choosing the right partner is important if you’re going to gain access to the technology that can improve your call center’s overall effectiveness. At Compass Solutions, we bring three decades of experience assisting our clients with responsive support and account management. We consistently recommend the right technologies from the right partners and at the right price. Contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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