Changes and Advances in the Cloud Require Agility in Planning

Advances in the cloud require forward-thinking enterprises to constantly adapt to hit a moving target.

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of a digital transformation plan is that it’s never complete. Each time you inch a little closer to your technology goals or make a big investment that implements a new tool, the bar moves, and your perceived competitive edge seems to shrink a bit. Moving business processes to the cloud takes planning, and those plans must be agile to adapt to new advances.

In the cabling industry, there are new developments in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and in fiber, giving enterprises new considerations for how they manage their infrastructure. This is just one example of an area where technology development is moving quickly, and much of what is in any given company’s digital transformation plan will soon be replaced by completely new factors to consider.

Many of these digital plans, in fact, will be found residing in the cloud or in the closet as enterprises discover new efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings. The role of the cloud is expanding, with businesses thinking beyond data storage or software applications and embracing an Everything as a Service (XaaS) mindset to cloud, with the intention of applying the service model to any process where it makes sense for them. Here are two emerging opportunities:

PoE increases power: PoE is adapting to the new IEEE 802.3 PoE standard, creating challenges for the Ethernet Alliance, which monitors adherence to standards. The standard increases power from 30 watts to 90 Watts PoE, which advances the use of certain tools for enterprises. The change will work to reduce power consumption by combining a variety of proprietary systems that have been supported by dedicated infrastructure.

The result will be that enterprises will be able to connect certain technology through their closets to receive power and data, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), network pan-tilt-zoom cameras, security card readers, and access control systems. In addition, workstations accessing PoE will not require uninterrupted power or antivirus and malware applications because they’ll be powered from the closet and connected to the cloud host.

Services shift to the cloud: As mentioned above, cloud is being embraced as a way to effectively manage a variety of business needs. Managing business processes from the cloud offers a way to ensure uniformity across the enterprise, while still enabling a customized individual network location.

A big shift in this area is the adoption of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), which provides a variety of benefits, including centralized network management and visibility, prioritization of internet traffic, and a subscription-based pay model that reduces costs.

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