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Smart Approaches to a Cyber Security Strategy

When corporations are hacked, everyone hears about it. What you need to know is that small businesses are just as, if not more, vulnerable. Cyber security is a top concern at many companies, but more needs to be done to protect data and reputations. If you’re feeling intimidated by cyber security protocol implementation, don’t be – it’s not as complex as you might think. There are open-source tools you can

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Staying Safe in the Age of IoT

There’s a push to get everything connected. This push is evident in how many devices, including smart televisions, security systems, sensors, and printers, are connected to the internet in the average office environment today. Wi-Fi security has to be a concern, as these devices can unwittingly become ports of entry for hackers. If you’re currently undertaking an Internet of things (IoT) initiative, the success of that project weighs heavily on

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4 Steps to Creating an IoT Security Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new ways for enterprises to gather information for analysis with the potential to improve processes and services. From better health care to reduced manufacturing costs, there is a lot of potential for IoT devices to deliver important benefits. Along with ensuring that these devices deliver what they promise, IoT security must be prioritized to protect the broader enterprise. IoT devices are equipped with

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Why Enterprises Are Moving to Workload Protection

Attempting to secure data in an era where cyber security threats change by the minute is a lot like trying to win a carnival game that’s rigged against you. The frantic nature of the response, the inability to anticipate next moves, and the chasing of a moving target all seem to be creating a scenario in which it’s impossible to protect your data, or win that giant stuffed dog. As

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Stronger Cloud Security With Managed Services

The cloud has been a beneficial tool for many organizations, small and large. However, with the advantages of moving to the cloud, businesses have also experienced increased security concerns. Petabytes of sensitive data are now being handled via the cloud, which means cloud security has to be more than an afterthought. Prior to the cloud, server rooms had their own on-premise security solutions that IT staff managed. As the cloud

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