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Staying Safe in the Age of IoT

There’s a push to get everything connected. This push is evident in how many devices, including smart televisions, security systems, sensors, and printers, are connected to the internet in the average office environment today. Wi-Fi security has to be a concern, as these devices can unwittingly become ports of entry for hackers. If you’re currently undertaking an Internet of things (IoT) initiative, the success of that project weighs heavily on

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Is Your SDN Validation Strategy Adequate?

Software-defined networking (SDN) is based on an approach that separates the control plane from the forwarding plane, with the purpose of managing multiple devices through the control plane. It’s a way to address some of the increasing complexity surrounding the network in the cloud era, improving agility and programmability with better visibility into network activity. There are five key elements that distinguish SDN from other types of networking: Abstraction of

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