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How to Avoid the Mistakes Common in Data Centers

The most powerful companies, armed with top-notch technology, have data centers that are staggeringly complex. Interestingly, data centers related to businesses that are quite small can have some similarities. What’s Available Most data center deployments will never match the scale you’ll find with a company as massive as Netflix. However, while you’ll never be dealing with the sheer volume of data that Netflix does, storage availability is still important.  To

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Six Considerations for Choosing a Colocation Provider

An enterprise choosing a colocation provider may find the search a bit challenging due to changes happening in the industry. From shifting technology requirements to the impact of bigger public cloud providers consuming data space and then needing more, colocation centers are dealing with a lot of change. Not the least of these factors is the increasing competition between colocation providers, with more entering the market and driving prices down.

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