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Four Key Considerations for Choosing the Right SaaS Solution

Enterprises are increasingly storing data in cloud servers. With data outgrowing on-premise options, both in terms of storage capacity and budgets, the cloud provides a cost-effective solution for handling large amounts of data. It’s also common to apply a security solution to protect data in cloud storage, often through Software as a Service (SaaS). There are many options to choose from when evaluating SaaS for securing data stored in the

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Cloud Security Strategies for Reducing Risk

The level of change in transitioning to a multi-cloud environment can be overwhelming to some organizations. One area of this change includes data privacy, which needs to remain a top priority for the enterprise IT team. The best-prepared organizations seek out a number of methods to maintain strong cloud security during the transition. Consider, if you’re working with an on-premise environment or just a single cloud-based service provider, how much

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Changes and Advances in the Cloud Require Agility in Planning

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of a digital transformation plan is that it’s never complete. Each time you inch a little closer to your technology goals or make a big investment that implements a new tool, the bar moves, and your perceived competitive edge seems to shrink a bit. Moving business processes to the cloud takes planning, and those plans must be agile to adapt to new advances.

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Understanding Cloud Computing

When talking about IT strategy, the term cloud computing can get thrown around a lot. It’s important to pause and make sure everyone involved in the decision-making process understands the basics of cloud options. Cloud computing is a disruptive technology, and having a working knowledge of it helps in making good strategic decisions. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is simply a way of saying that instead of data and

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