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XaaS, Or Everything as a Service, Offers These Five Benefits

The sharing economy is making its mark on IT, with digital services and applications available in subscription models. Businesses are able to pay for only what they use in areas like software, infrastructure, and platforms all trending toward as-a-service offerings. The mindset is becoming Everything as a Service, or XaaS, where every kind of outsourcing offers clear advantages. XaaS offers flexible consumption that lends companies increased agility for providing improved

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Why You Want to Consider DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is one of many areas of IT that is gaining momentum as an outsourced specialty. Overwhelmed with the many tasks related to managing security in an era when threats change by the minute, many enterprise IT teams find efficiency and cost reduction in turning disaster recovery over to experts. Part of what’s driving this trend is the expectation of inevitability around natural disasters and

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Five Benefits of Cloud Desktops

If you’re looking for ways to support remote employees with the technology they need, invest in technology with costs that are more predictable, and reduce your maintenance and hardware investment, you may want to look into cloud desktops. Cloud desktops provide an identical experience to a traditional desktop. When the user logs on, they see the same applications and features they’re accustomed to accessing, but the server is no longer

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Stronger Cloud Security With Managed Services

The cloud has been a beneficial tool for many organizations, small and large. However, with the advantages of moving to the cloud, businesses have also experienced increased security concerns. Petabytes of sensitive data are now being handled via the cloud, which means cloud security has to be more than an afterthought. Prior to the cloud, server rooms had their own on-premise security solutions that IT staff managed. As the cloud

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Cloud Security: What’s the Best Approach to Protecting Your Data?

It’s not unusual for control over data to become an issue in addressing cloud security risks. Managed services, therefore, have not always been a desired part of the overall strategy. Rather, many security managers have preferred to take full responsibility and have complete control over security technologies. But is this the best course of action? Many organizations have limited access to individuals with the expertise necessary to manage a completely

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