The Benefits of Combining UCaaS With CCaaS

The combination of UCaaS with CCaaS gives customers a superior level of service and often saves costs.

The widespread use of cloud technology means enterprises are becoming more likely to search out ways to capture the as-a-service benefits they enjoy in one application and experience them in additional areas of the business. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is receiving a lot of attention because it provides not only cost savings, but also the opportunity to improve productivity and innovate.

Some enterprises are finding even greater benefit by combining UCaaS technology with that of Call Center as a Service (CCaaS). The pairing of these two strategies provides customers with a high-quality, seamless service experience. Here are the benefits of using UCaaS with CCaaS:

Customers can choose their formats: UCaaS provides all communication formats within a single application, so customers can choose whether to email, text, or call in, but receive the same level of timely responsiveness no matter which format they prefer. Likewise, the agent they reach on the other end can access all relevant information, even if they are calling in to follow up on an email. It’s all right there in a single application.

Agents can be added or removed based on seasonality and other factors: One of the benefits of using CCaaS is the ability to expand and shrink the customer service staff as you need to, based on seasonal demand or weekend spikes in contact. With UCaaS, you pay only for the number of users you need at any given time, and subscriptions can be added or removed as necessary.

There’s no big initial investment: The subscriber-based pay model is beneficial, but the combination of UCaaS and CCaaS utilizes technology that doesn’t require a large capital investment to get started. In fact, legacy hardware can be integrated to create a hybrid solution and eliminate some of the concern of transitioning from an existing phone system.

UCaaS offers the necessary features: From call routing to get the customer where they need to go for appropriate service to PCI compliance to protect customer data, UCaaS offers the features that meet today’s communication needs. For example, some financial services firms are required to record conversations. It’s important that UCaaS and CCaaS options be evaluated with these types of needs in mind.

UCaaS provides CCaaS the ability to offer versatile service: Offering personalized and convenient service is an important differentiator for companies hoping to edge out the competition. UCaaS offers the kind of flexibility that allows customers to have the experience that fits their needs most exactly.

Combining UCaaS and CCaaS can help an organization reach new levels of cost savings and innovation. Contact us at Compass Solutions to learn more about choosing the right solutions at competitive market prices.

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