How to Avoid the Mistakes Common in Data Centers

Data centers require more than just an average backup — they need a rigorous testing program.

The most powerful companies, armed with top-notch technology, have data centers that are staggeringly complex. Interestingly, data centers related to businesses that are quite small can have some similarities.

What’s Available

Most data center deployments will never match the scale you’ll find with a company as massive as Netflix. However, while you’ll never be dealing with the sheer volume of data that Netflix does, storage availability is still important. 

To ensure that you’re staying within your capacity, it’s smart to plan out what resources you have in regard to storage and bandwidth. The planning you take on should include assessing your usage and needs on a regular basis, which could be as often as weekly. Data centers that fail to plan ahead are the ones that are unable to keep up with growth.

Customizing Hardware

Large companies have the kind of capital they need to customize pretty much any part of their data centers, which means they can scale as required. Smaller companies might not have this kind of flexibility, but they can use automation to gain an edge. 

You can actually reduce your management overhead for deployments through automation. Regardless of your size, the goal is going to be to manage some fairly hefty physical aspects, including keeping the system cool, offering the power it needs to perform as well as the density to compute effectively. Automation can provide this to smaller companies that can’t afford to customize their hardware.

Upgrading When Necessary

Are you holding on to old hardware? It might seem economically prudent, but it could actually pose a threat to your organization, not to mention slow you down. If you are connected with the right agent, you can gain access to the technology you need without breaking the bank.

Most systems today have a lifecycle that doesn’t go beyond four years, so if yours is showing it’s age, you know what its time to do. You also have to consider the extra work that goes into maintaining old gear, and that can be a real drag on your IT staff.

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