We Deliver Process-Driven Outcomes and Quantified Value

As a technology consulting and management firm, we don’t sell technology. Rather, we offer our clients a proven and repeatable process that enables them to identify the best technology solutions and providers and empowers IT decision-makers and teams.

Compass engagements are guided by actionable insights created from our network of subject matter experts and engineers, ensuring efficiency with a data-driven approach. We deliver measurable value and maintain transparency and employ proactive solutions that keep you poised for success in the long-term– not a break-fix model that leaves you stranded down the line.

Our Proven Process
Shows Us The Way

1. Discovery

Our process begins with identifying the core goal or resolution to your business challenge.

2. Assessment

We complete a thorough assessment of your current technology architecture and operations.

3. Design

We consult with professional sales engineers about our findings and present you with a solution design that fits your requirements.

4. Vendor Selection

We prepare a shortlist of the best vendors that meet your requirements and fit your goals.

5. Cost Analysis

We’ll negotiate the best rates and make a recommendation for the most cost-effective investment.

6. Implementation

We project manage the implementation process, managing timelines and holding vendors accountable.

7. Ongoing Management

We take ownership of the MACDs, billing issues, support and escalation, and all of the other moving parts of your technology lifecycle.

How We Work with You

When tackling new technology projects, you may find that the research, dedication of time and volume of choices are a burden on your team. Compass works as an augmentation of your IT department, handling all of the details so that you can stay focused.

If you’re facing a challenge and are unsure how to reach your desired outcomes, Compass can accommodate your company with ongoing management and additional services. Our team offers professional managed services and consulting / management options to meet your needs.

is included

You can work with Compass Solutions at no additional cost to you. We derive our revenue from the suppliers you are going to pay anyway. The price is the same and, in many cases, less since we know the best going rate and suppliers know they have to put their best foot forward. You are getting the value of our experience, expertise, and resources at no cost beyond the price of the provider services you were already going to pay for.

Extra help is
always available

Often our customers have existing solutions that they want managed by our team. Because we are paid by the providers when we facilitate a procurement outcome, we wouldn’t be compensated on those services. In order to be able to provide a total solution and complete value to our customers, we simply charge a management fee for the services we aren’t compensated on.

The Tools We Use for Success

Individual Quick Assessment Tool

We utilize an assessment questionnaire based on our experience to list the key questions to consider for each technology, the answers generate an objective list of criteria for your project.

Dynamic Technology Vendor Matrices

We have a filtering tool loaded with details of over 200 of the leading technology service providers and vendors that quickly down-select to a shortlist of the ones that meet your needs.

Fiber and Data Center Locator Tool

We leverage this powerful tool to find the best fiber routes and data center locations from across the globe to create redundancy, security, and minimize costs.


We track the time that we invest in providing professional and managed services and provide ongoing ROI reporting that quantifies the value that we create for your organization

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Have a technology project in your future? Let Compass help you find the path to success.