4 Productivity Gains Promised with VoIP Implementation

VoIP productivity gains are assured when you implement the right solution.

Productivity gains – it’s a hot topic for any organization vying for a competitive advantage. The challenge tends to be found in creating the right balance between innovations that can deliver the promised benefits and supporting organizational change to seamlessly integrate new solutions. It’s a balance that must be achieved for any company considering VoIP, but the productivity pay-off is worth the effort.

While a number of different vendors promise productivity gains with their solutions, it’s not always easy to achieve without clear direction. Let’s examine key benefits that VoIP does bring to the table that can help drive productivity gains.

Accessibility: The traditional model requiring employees to be in the office on a regular basis is losing ground as telecommuting employees prove to be more productive. The key to this increased productivity is in VoIP solutions that ensure around-the-clock access for employees who work from home. Plus, those who do work in the office but have to be mobile can enjoy the same benefits. By allowing 24×7 access, employees can connect with the company when needed, while also reaching customers when situations demand it.

Voicemail from anywhere: While also an extension of accessibility, the reality of voicemail from anywhere eliminates the need for in-house employees to make an appearance to retrieve important messages when they need to be in the field. This is also key for those who rely on their mobile device, but have an office phone. When the two can be easily synced through VoIP, messages are never missed and Follow Me technologies ensure calls reach anyone regardless of location. In addition, when voicemails are consolidated into one box, messages are never missed.

Customer communication: The lifeblood of any business, being able to communicate with customers on a regular and seamless basis is critical. While analog systems evolved to include some great tools for customer interactions, the mobility today’s companies demand can spread systems beyond their capabilities. VoIP integration improves overall communications and extends to include tools like auto attendants, Find Me / Follow Me features, automatic call forwarding, and so much more.

Enhanced collaboration: Office employees and telecommuters are accustomed to working together, even if they are limited by the tools at their disposal. With VoIP, they can connect the communication with the network and access key documents, systems, and assets while interacting in video calls with the use of the employee’s own mobile device. Shared-screen sessions and business document integration between participants all on one network increases productivity considerably.

While these increased productivity options can bring a lot to any organization, they still require professional hands to design and implement to ensure you’re getting the most of your investment. Before opting into any VoIP service, contact Compass Solutions. Our experience in working directly with companies just like yours helps us to design just the right solution to ensure we not only meet your needs, but also deliver on productivity promises.

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