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We are technology and provider agnostic advisors that help our clients understand the technology landscape, find the right path, implement the best solution, and manage their technology stack.

Never Lose Your Way During Technology Change When You Have Compass

We help you find and maintain your bearings as you and your IT team navigate change, negotiate choice, and traverse the technology lifecycle.

Working with Compass on your next technology project will save your team the time and attention needed to get great results by using our expertise and skill to streamline the process and ensure outcomes that show the enterprise a demonstrable return on technology investment.

Expertise for Hire
To Extend Your Team

We are a resource to augment and help IT leaders and teams to accomplish more, faster, and with better results.

Here is how we can help:

Project Management
and Deployment

Solution Design
and Procurement

Account Management
and Support

CX Design and

Cost Reduction And
Expense Management

Finding Your Way is
Simple With Compass

We provide project-based professional services that are designed to help IT leaders make better-informed decisions about their telecommunications and IT infrastructure and streamline its management.

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Our Process
On Your Terms

Our engagement models start with a standard no-cost SOW that covers most use cases for most technology projects. You only pay for the services we help you acquire from providers that you would purchase anyway, our guidance and expertise is included. For non-standard scopes, we offer project-based professional services.

Our approach to your technology project is guided by a proven process born of years of experience and thousands of transactions that ensures ideal outcomes. Find out how our process drives successful implementation of the IT solutions you need to drive your business forward.

Finding the Right
Technology Solution

We connect clients with solutions curated to meet their unique needs and integrate seamlessly as an efficient, cost-effective part of the technology ecosystem. Learn more about our solutions.



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